Kids Take Action

Here are some of my FAVORITE organizations that have programs for kids. I can’t wait to hear about your own projects or favorite organizations too.  

Trains guide dogs to help people who cannot see.

guide dogs Kids Take Action 

Helps poor and hungry families that live in other parts of the world by buying them an animal.

Cambodia pigs 150x150 Kids Take Action 

Kids can donate their hair to sick kids who have lost their hair. Having hair helps kids feel more confident and feel better about themselves.

locks of love final Kids Take Action 

Helps teachers raise money for their classroom projects.

teachers donors choose 150x150 Kids Take Action 

Terracycle takes our trash and turns it into products which help keep our earth clean.

10 06 15 Capri Sun Back Blue Red Cropped Kids Take Action 

Pennies aren’t worth very much individually, but when kids donate them together, they add up! Pennies can buy pencils, books and even help build schools for kids in Pakistan & Afghanistan.

pennies for peace Kids Take Action

Special Note:

Please share your projects below. Before your post appears, we will review and approve the post. Please note that this space is for projects that have programs in which kids can get involved. This is not a place to advertise or promote religious or political views.

Please limit your description to 35 words or less and include only one website link. Thank you!

2 Responses to Kids Take Action

  1. Hi, Some of our most successful volunteers are kids! We are a non-profit ministry that collects shoes (in all conditions) and then uses them to provide children and their families HOPE, COMFORT and OPPORTUNITY! Last summer we had the largest shoe drive ever by KIDS across the U.S. through Clubhouse Jr. magazine. We still receive donations from many of those families ongoing! Thank you for providing a great website to learn about more organizations that kids can put their heartwarming , hard efforts into helping others! You can learn more about Shoes2Share by clicking the three links provided below:

  2. Jessie and Nicky Biddle says:

    Sophia and Kiara, we loved the book and share your hope to make a difference. Some of the organizations that we like are: This group raises money to help purchase bullet proof vests for the highly trained and skilled police dogs. This group collects used books and educational materials and donates them to remote schools in the Phillipines.

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