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Sophias NEW book cover March 3 2011 Buy The Book I wrote Isabella Makes A Difference: How Elementary School Age Kids Can Help the World Too! and my little sister, Kiara, illustrated it. We had a great time working together on this project.

This hardback book has two parts. The first tells a story about Isabella (read back cover below) and how she wanted to work with her friends to make a difference in the world. At first her plans did not work out. This is a story about not giving up!

And now that I’m older I’ve added my favorite websites and a goal-setting section. It’s fun to set goals and I share my goals with you and show you how you can set goals too!

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From the back cover of the book:

Isabella is six years old and in first grade. She lives with her mom, dad and sister in a little house by the beach. She has a dog, a cat, a pet lizard and a fish named Bob.

Isabella saw that there were problems in the world and believed that kids her age could help. She invited her friends from her elementary school to work together to help clean up the beach and to grow a garden to save honey bees, but her plans did not work.

Isabella began to worry that maybe elementary age kids couldn’t help the world, but she didn’t give up. She thought and thought about a way that she and her friends could help the world and this time her idea worked!

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P.S. Click here to watch NBC Bay Area News — It’s our first time talking about the book on TV!

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