About Sophia & Kiara

Sophia bio photo without green border June 4 2011 About Sophia & KiaraSophia Kofoed wrote Isabella Makes A Difference: How Elementary School Age Kids Can Help the World Too! when she was in first grade (age 6).

The children in her school were inspired and excited to hear the story and during recess would often tell Sophia how they wanted to help the world, too.

Now 9-years old, Sophia added some of her favorite websites and a goal-setting section to help the reader take action. One of her goals is to use the book to raise money for schools.

She asked her little sister, Kiara, to illustrate the book when Kiara was 6-years-old (see below).


Kiara updated web picture July 30 2011 225x300 About Sophia & KiaraWhen her sister, Sophia, asked her to illustrate her book, Kiara took her job seriously.

She worked on one drawing at a time and asked her sister what story she wanted the picture to tell.

The only time she had difficulty is when Sophia asked her to draw trash on her beautiful beach.

Now 7, Kiara is Sophia’s biggest fan.

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